Virtual Lab Downloads

***** Please Note: The Virtual Microscope software is not up to date and may not operate on newer platforms. We are working to acquire grant funding to completely update the software.*****

Virtual Microscope Interface

The Virtual Microscope interface supports the browsing of high-resolution, multi-dimensional image datasets from our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and our Light Microscope (LM). The download below comes with three specimens, but any one of the specimens on our data page can be downloaded and viewed with this interface.

First-Time Installation Process

If you've never installed the Virtual Lab software before you should follow the steps below to make sure that you get things installed smoothly.

Installers for Windows and Mac

Although the Virtual Lab will run on Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux as long as Java is installed, these platform-specific installers make installing the Virtual Lab on your computer even easier.

Zipped Distributions for UNIX

These downloads are zipped folders containing the software, and are usable for any platorm that has Java installed. If you have Windows or Mac OS X, you'll probably prefer an installer (above), but if you're running Linux, SunOS, etc., then these zipped packages are for you.

Virtual Microscope Sourcecode

The Virtual Microscope is an open source project, which means you can download and edit the computer source code files for your own needs (with some restrictions).


The driver behind this project is the image data. We are continually refining our process and producing new datasets that you can view with the Virtual Microscope. To download new datasets, visit our data page.

Data Collection and Image Stitching Tools

We have written a variety of tools for automated data capture from our LM and SEM, as well as software for blending and stitching this automatically acquired image tile data from the instruments.

Training Materials

We have developed animations and documents to teach you the theories behind the instruments that produced our data. These include Flash animations and video clips. Read more on our training page...→

File Format Schema

The file format we use to store our image datasets is described by an XML file that accompanies each dataset. We encourage others to use this file format for compatibility with the Virtual Microscope.

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