Virtual Microscope Help

The Virtual Microscope application provides the user with an authentic method for exploring pre-captured data from a variety of microscopes. By loading and unloading specimens, navigating around it, changing magnification, adjusting focus, and modifying image quality, the user can investigate this pre-captured in much the same way that a researcher using a real microscope can.


Having trouble getting Virtual Lab running? This installation video will show you how to download and unpack the Virtual Lab software as well as how to download and install more samples.

Basic Interface

The Virtual Lab software was designed to mimic the interface and controls of real research-grade instrumentation. We made a tutorial video to teach you how to get the most out of Virtual Lab.


The annotation tools built into Virtual Lab allow you to illustrate and label sample features in a way that can be saved to file and shared. This video shows you how to load someone else's annotations or make you own.

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) Samples

A few of our Scanning Electron Microscope samples include X-ray data from an EDS detector. This video shows you how to use the EDS-specific tools to identify elemental composition and perform other kinds of analysis.

Need More Help?

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